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Is /r/programming still /r/'programming'?

Today, I have to make a confession: I read reddit. Quite often, indeed. I do have my haggles with it, but for the time being, it's one of the best sources of fresh information there is.

My most frequented subreddit is /r/programming
I often see comments on this subreddit that say something to the effect of "this is not programming, go away to another subreddit!" (happened to the article below this one an hour ago).
The description of this subreddit on the right hand side is also pretty clear on the topic ("PROGRAMMING!"), basically saying that only posts with code are worthy programming posts.

However, the current top link is about an MITM attack, the second about VIM, then there are links about DOS attacks, encryption on paper (which to me sound like the opposite of programming), the UI of InfoQ and censorship. So there are quite a lot of posts that aren't specifically about programming as such, even though they are related with it and interesting for programmers, which is why they were submitted to /r/programming in the first place, I suppose.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not complaining about the diversity of the links, in fact, I'm enjoying it.

The question I have is: Should we not embrace this diversity and relax our standards of "not programming"?

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