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A powerful demonstration of Ghostery

I have used the excellent Ghostery for a few weeks now. What it does is it blocks a long list of web tracking and ad network services to make your browsing more private. Every time Ghostery blocks a service, it shows a little bubble with a message what was blocked. This way, you can easily see, who's tracking your browsing how. Also, it's simply interesting.

For example, this is

Screen_shot_2011-09-15_at_10 doesn't show any warnings, so I guess they track you on their servers, which you cannot block, of course.
For comparison, here's, and


It's amazing that techdirt places a whole ten different services on their page that can track you. However, the funniest thing happened today, when a website I visited used Clicky ( I hadn't heard of it before, so I went and took a look. Unfortunately, they use similar addresses to their tracking scripts on their web page, which Ghostery blocked. The feature comparison chart is especially nice:


Well. That's a hard choice, there... =)

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