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Starting up again

After my vacation and another week of hanging around, I started up again today. Feels good to be back in the programmer's seat.

Imprys can now do graphics, although they aren't saved in the right format yet, and they don't get exported to HTML, neither. Before that can happen, I will have to restructure my output writer to use a templating system, most probably the wonderfully simple Mustache.

One more annoyance: I've tried to use the Apple-supplied UIImagePicker. There are some strange design decisions in there, for example, in the iPad, you can only show the UIImagePicker in its own UIPopoverController.
Also, it doesn't allow picking more than one image at a time, which feels a bit silly when you try to add ten or twenty images to your presentation. So I've looked around the web and, behold, there is an alternative implementation on Github, ELCImagePickerController, which works beautifully. Until the moment when you find out that this image picker needs to have the Location API enabled and needs access to it. Mind you, none of the images on my iPad is location-encoded, because I have locations disabled. Still, to read the album headings, location API needs to be enabled. Which is a bit of a shame, because for those users that don't have that enabled, I'll have to fall back on the regular UIImagePicker.

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