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Weeklog for Week 46: November 15 to November 21


Well, work goes on.

I've now programmed a small script that does sidenotes automatically for meAnd I'm so happy! And I'll use it extensively, you'll see!. Who knew that parsing parentheses is such an unsolved problem? Well, my script is one big hack upon another, but I don't care.

I needed a CV for a prospective customer. So I did what any self-respecting software developer would do: I started a project for creating CVs.


I'm now proficient enough with Micropython and ESP32s that I can start up things quite quickly. So that's what I did, started some coding for light control and (maybe) moisture sensors. Not very tangible, yet, and no hardware so far.

I also noticed that if I write this notice beforehand, it magically becomes true!


No progress on NTS this week.


Libraries, programming, etc

  • Browserflow: Browser automation made very simple. Looks nice and useable, but it's tied to a subscription business model (again).
  • Duff’s device in 2021: "In conclusion, Duff’s device if still worth considering3, but you’ll have to do your own benchmarks to be sure where it is indeed useful. However, Duff’s device does add more verbosity to the code. Even if it’s easy to document (as stated before), you may not have the time (or not want to spend the time) to do benchmarks and consider Duff’s device. It’s up to you."
  • ZipFly: Using this library will save you from having to write the Zip to disk. Some data will be buffered by the zipfile deflater, but memory inflation is going to be very constrained. Data will be written to destination by default at regular 32KB intervals.


  • John Wick: Hex: A strategic action game, as strange as that may sound. You plan your actions, and they all use up your time, as does your enemies actions. Would be very nice with a "Katana Zero"-type action replay, just to make one feel super-badass. 7/10
  • Eastshade: Very relaxing. Not as beautiful as I had hoped, has more of an 2005-level aesthetic. 8/10
  • Craftopia with Anton and bison. Still great.
  • Prey, still great there, too.


  • Ragusea turkey, only slightly adapted for goose. Turned out not super-great, but ok enough. De-boning the goose took about 45 minutes and was not very complicated.

Other media

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