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Weeklog for Week 48: November 29 to December 05


Some house-stuff. Boring and, well, boring.

A surprising amount of work appeared quite suddenly. So that's great. Also, I'll be working with more technology that I'm not perfect yet, so I'll get to hone more new stuff, which is also great.


No progress.


No progress


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Typescript in 50 lessons (25%): recommendation by Jochen, very nice and smooth read. Also, beautifully printed hardcover book.


  • Super Mario Oddyssey: I've finally made it to the darkest side of the moon, which is this super-hard, punishing level at the end of the game. I don't know whether I'll be able to finish this. 10/10
  • Craftopia, still nice, and loads of funny automation stuff. This is what I came for!

Other media

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