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Weeklog for Week 2: January 10 to January 16


Lots of work, lots of catching up.


No progress.


Some progress. We did a session on polygon placement, and decided we'd try out a new way to place wall polygons. It's not finished, but it's started.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Boost your Django DX -- recommended!
  • Immun
  • The Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski: Sometime last year, I started reading The Witcher booksThis was part of a trial for wasting less time on the internet: by having books available on my phone, I'd read those instead of Twitter, Reddit, HN, ... It worked for a while, and now I'm picking it up again. The worst thing about reading on the phone is not the size or the interface, strangely, but the bad options for organizing what I've read and what's still on the list. after having played the gameWhich I still need to finish, too.. The first two books are excellent, adventure, action, epic storylines spanning centuries. These books have it all, and they're worthy reads. But then the next three books... they're super-boring. Nothing happens! The main characters are separated and the entirety of three books can be summarized as "they're looking for but don't find each other". Fortunately, The Lady of the Lake picks up the pace and things happen again. Now I just hope the ending is worth it...
    Ok, I actually finished reading the book, and I'm not satisfied. They run around pointlessly a bunch, and then they all die pointlessly. Such a waste of a great setting.
  • Season of Storms by Andrzej Sapkowski: This is more like it, even though there's a lot of unexplained stuff going on. I sure hope something comes up that explains what's going on.



  • Nurose (Steam, on recommendation)

Other media

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