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Weeklog for Week 3: January 17 to January 23


This week I'm holding a Python training course, which means it's a full week. But the contract for my large customer is finally here and I can rest easily. I have to tell this to my small customer, however, who is very sad now, so I am very sad now too.



  • Season of Storms by Andrzej Sapkowski: it has that... taste of running around pointlessly already. I mean the world is great as always, but all of this seems... well...
    I've finished this now, and while most of it is, indeed, pointless running around, there's also a bit of adventure and philosophy in there. 7/10


  • Freelancer with oryon, an old space sim MMORPG that has a half-serious online community still around. It's ok, I guess. The interface is very dated and clunky, and combat is, as usual, not my kind of thing, and it's kind-of random which is annoying. But the trade and the trade optimization is an interesting enough puzzle. 6/10.
  • Starbound with Anton and Simon. Sideways minecraft with monsters and multiple planets. I like it! The most hilarious thing is that every player chooses their own difficulty, so one of us has a harder life than the other two. 8/10


  • Lemon Mousse: I didn't do the gelatine correctly, so it was a wonderful mousse at the top with a lake of lemon juice at the bottom. Tasty, but not as expected. More research is needed.

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