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Weeklog for Week 8: February 21 to February 27


I held a Python seminar. That fills the week automatically.

I tried to get another ticket merged, but review told me a few defects that I'll have to fix.


I finally bought one key component, and now I can start. And then I actually, really did start writig some code, putting together some components. It looks like I'm going to start doing things now.


We had an important-but-hard discussion about the future of this project. I'm not entirely sure it'll work, but we'll continue for the time being.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Das Mañana-Problem by C. Northcote Parkinson: I really, really, really like the essays in Parkinson's Law and I highly recommend you read that book. After reading two of the essays in this one, it seems like a rather lukewarm copy; I'm still waiting for the hidden gem here.


  • Eastshade: still the same good and the same bad. The world is very nice, but the one game that is about painting pictures will not let me paint pictures, and if the game compels me to paint something, it's for a quest. But it's even worse than that, because there are two mechanisms that hinder your painting: canvs and inspiration. For every painting you create, you need a canvas to paint onto, realistically enough, and you can overpaint your canvases. So far, so good, if a quest requires you to do a painting, you'll just re-use your canvases. Which is... not great, because if you do a painting outside of a quest, you'll usually assign some significance to it. Which is then gone.
    However, the worse thing is inspiration. For every painting you create, you use up one unit of inspiration, and that's gone. You get inspiration by finding new places and experiences, but as far as I can see, there is only a limited amount of inspiration on the entire island. So once you're out, you're out. No way to complete quests any more.
    These two points combine to make this a game about creating paintings, where you'll only create paintings if you're absolutely sure there's a payoff in terms of quest completion. It's a walking game with complicated resource management. Very frustrating.


  • Tower Tag (from Humble VR bundle)
  • Synth Riders (from Humble VR bundle)
  • Blaston (from Humble VR bundle)
  • Cook-Out (from Humble VR bundle)
  • Panoptic (from Humble VR bundle)
  • Red Matter (from Humble VR bundle)
  • Touring Karts (from Fanatical VR bundle)
  • The Assembly (from Fanatical VR bundle)
  • Republique VR (from Fanatical VR bundle)
  • Hello Puppets! (from Fanatical VR bundle)
  • Fujii (from Fanatical VR bundle)
  • Dreadhalls (from Fanatical VR bundle)
  • Doctor Who: The Edge of Time (from Fanatical VR bundle)
  • Dance Collider (from Fanatical VR bundle)
  • Beat Blaster (from Fanatical VR bundle)
  • 1976 Back to Midway (from Fanatical VR bundle)


  • Marmorkuchen, free-hand, at least this much I know how to do

Other media

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