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Weeklog for Week 10: March 07 to March 13


Lots of work. Nice!


I'm pushing this ahead of me, but alright, I'm starting now.

I've soldered the lights, I've started the computer and the camera. It's waiting time now...Protip: Write the status report you'd like to read and then make it come true.

Alright, so, turns out, I've not done everything correctly in sequence here. It's now Friday afternoon and I don't want to start my plants now, because I'll have to leave them over the weekend without water. So, Monday morning, I'll start everything up and then keep an eye on it during the next weekPro-Protip: Don't write status reports that aren't true yet..

Water pumps are another ongoing problem, and I'll have to get more materials before I can tackle that issue.


No progress this week.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • The Dark Cloud by Fred Hoyle: This is hard sci-fi from the fifties and I love it. It's a bit like "Don't look up", but with competent scientists.



This week, the Ukraine bundle hit with 997 games. Some I already had in my list/backlog, like Superhot, GNOG, Cloud Gardens, Wandersong, A Short Hike, Baba Is You, Celeste, Minit, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Sky Rogue, Golf Peaks, Super Hexagon, Shutter Stroll, Kids, Glittermitten Grove. There is so much stuff in there. Here are some I'll try out:

  • Magnibox (from Ukraine)
  • Throw Cubes into Brick Towers To Collapse Them (from Ukraine)
  • A Forgetful Loop (from Ukraine)
  • Secrets of Raetikon (from Ukraine)
  • Wheels of Aurelia (from Ukraine)
  • Vienny Automobile Society (from Ukraine)
  • Gravity Pilot (from Ukraine)
  • Summer in Mara (from Ukraine)
  • A Planet of Mine (from Ukraine)
  • Toybox Aviation (from Ukraine)
  • Schildmaid MX (from Ukraine)
  • Cosmic Express (from Ukraine)
  • Old Man's Journey (from Ukraine)
  • TYPE (from Ukraine)
  • A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build (from Ukraine)
  • Dépanneur Nocturne (from Ukraine)
  • Kingdom Two Crowns (from Ukraine)
  • Lucifer Within Us (from Ukraine)
  • Figment (from Ukraine)
  • Towerfall: Dark World (from Ukraine)
  • Minit Fun Racer (from Ukraine)
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