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Weeklog for Week 16: April 18 to April 24


Short work week, but lots of stuff to do. Still have to prepare the workshop I'll be holding, and an old customer is starting up again.

We're planning on buying a garden plot. We'll see whether we can snag it. Exciting!

We also met some old friends for a mini-vacation, which was very refreshing.


The plants are growing. I've received the suggestion to let the plants dry out a bit, to entice them into growing flowers and seeds. I can do that!




Libraries, programming, etc


  • Seeing like a State by James C. Scott


  • Starbound with the gang: very chill.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: yes, I am really hooked now. The graphics are excellent, the characters are great, the worldbuilding is first rate and the game is really great in general. Also, even though the main character follows the Hollywood convention of "all women wear perfect make up all the time", she's not overly sexualized. There's even a situation where she confronts a creep. Of course, single men on the internet see this differently.


  • Abriss (from wishlist)
  • Backbone (from waitlist)
  • Amnesia: Rebirth (from free EGS)
  • Riverbond (free from EGS)


  • Mousse au Chocolat with friends, always great.

Other media

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