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Weeklog for Week 28: July 11 to July 17


The client I'm working for has internal libraries for some of their common stuff, which are shared between teams. Now the original team does not want to deal with one of the libraries any more, so our team has picked it up (ie. me). I've updated the library and created and published new versions and everything was fine. Then I started integrating them into our project and everything looked fine. Turns out, there is another semi-abandoned internal library that we use that relies on the first semi-abandoned internal library. So now I get to choose between downgrading everything again or doing upgrades for that second semi-abandoned internal library myself (and getting it pushed through their semi-abandoned upgrade process).
What great fun!

Well, at least I finished my part.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Downbelow Station by C.J. Cherryh: hard sci-fi from the 70's, with a fantastic intro covering the next few hundred years. Hard to read, and I have no idea where it leads me.


  • Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson
  • A Gift From Earth by Larry Niven


  • Abriss: Fantastic game! However, it does have the same curve as many of these physical puzzlers: easy, easy, easy, impossible. Aaaand I finished it. It's just that good! 9/10


  • Wonder Boy The Dragons Trap (from free EGS)


  • Angel Food Cake: Nice, but turned out a bit rubbery for me. More research is needed.

Other media

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