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Weeklog for Week 30: July 25 to July 31


Work actually went quite well. I did an exact landing on the ending sprint and didn't overfill the next sprint. We also had a team day that was really productive and good for the team. I'd never met many of my day-to-day workmates AFK before.

When I collect these logs, I am often surprised how little I marked as logworthy. Feels like I read more than these few entries.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Downbelow Station: Started off as a refugee crisis, now it's slowly turning into political subterfuge. Exciting, I'm wondering where this will go. Reading old sci-fi is always amazing for the lack of automation and data processing there is. One of the main problems of the refugee crisis is that these people lost their papers! I'd imagine there should be solutions for that in the future. Like... you know... databases? This book also poses an interesting question: how do you communicate and coordinate if ships can travel faster than light? How do you keep an organisation together in those circumstances?


  • Death's Door: still nice, I like it. 8.5/10


  • Sparklite
  • The Ramp
  • Rebel Galaxy
  • Silence
  • Sweet Transit (from wishlist)


  • Lemonade!

Other media

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