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Weeklog for Week 35: August 29 to September 04


I found out that Biblatex uses a stack-based language to define its styles. I also found out that this language is not googleable. I also found out that I needed to do something with it.

Putting stuff into Dockerfiles and parametrizing them and running them. Lots of them! Nice!

Got a new home server, excited about installing lots of useful stuff on it. Like my temperature monitor or yacy.
After my ingenious VPN solution failedwhile ; do ssh -R 1234:localhost:22 remoteserver; done
I don't know why it failed, since I can't connect to check.
, I tried out Headscale/Tailscale and I think that might be it.
Yacy, by the way, is quite amazing! I haven't figured out all the things it can do, but having a search engine for your own site and the links it points to is quite amazing. I can search everything in these logs and everything they point to now. And I'm going to feed my browser history into it, too, and have full text search on my browsing history.

Finally upgraded CommandeerYou should try it! to use Poetry. I got weird warnings during the development of Heron, apparently I did something wrong back then.
Some years ago I showed Commandeer to a friend and colleague and he immediately jumped in and wrote an adapter so that Commandeer would actually create argparse code. The idea was that we'd polish it and submit it as a PEP to finally get something better than argparse in the stdlib. Naturally, I dropped the ball and I even lost his PR. Sorry, Mark! I wish I hadn't lost it, because I think that all of this is a marvellous idea. Well, gotta do it myself now.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Downbelow Station by C. J. Cherryh. It's a bit slow, this book, so I might switch to something else soon. I also found out that there are now 27 books set in the universe laid out here. Wow!


  • The Cartographers by Peng Shepard



  • Immortality
  • Submerged (from free EGS)
  • Scanner Sombre



  • Soul: A Pixar movie about the afterlife. Very cute and very Pixar. 8.5/10
  • Ready Or Not: A weird movie. Tagged as "ActionComedyHorrorMysteryThriller" I had expected more thriller, less horror. There is no thriller element here, nor any mystery, just straight-up everyone-against-one horror. And the ending really ruins itLike in so many movies, sadly. I have an item on my billion-dollar rich list that says "fix movie endings". Oh, you want to know which movies I'm going to fix? Well, give me a billion dollars and find out!.
    I thought some more about it, and what really annoys me is that so many things in this movie are unmotivated. The story, the family, the entire setting, the marriage, the other couples, everything is just a cliché, a backdrop for the main idea of the movie, which is simply "ready or not, we're going to kill you now". And even the main premise of that idea is unmotivated. And then the ending straight-up ruins any suspense you might have had about any of the situation. 6/10
  • Dampfnudelblues: One of these German comedies about a little backwater town where crime surges. They play a bit with the cliché, but it's quite formulaic in the end. And it's mostly about the characters instead of the crime, as these things go. 8/10
  • Kaiserschmarrndrama: Solid part of the series, but for completely valid reasons I I have to give some private company money to watch the other entries in this series of movies that was produced using my Rundfunkgebühren. Completely valid reasons, you know. So there's quite a gap between the first and the seventh entry. But that doesn't matter, because nothing of importance changed and the film is still enjoyable, even if a bit repepetititive. 7/10

Other media

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