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Weeklog for Week 36: September 05 to September 11


More docker stuff.

Tried out Portainer. It's nice but has some rough edges. I also lost some of my configuration and it was not possible to export/import. So what I do is I start the containers on the command line and then monitor/control them from portainer.

Tried out Guacamole in a prepared docker container. It's excellent, GUI applications in a web-enabled container.

So, here's a problem: I want to re-create the output of Heron every time it is run, so stale/old files get deleted, but I also want it to be fast. Can I just sprinkle some cache in there to make it run fast?
Turns out, the answer is yes. I've updated Heron to only update files that changed. It was a bit more work than just sprinkling it on top because I wanted to have image dependencies working smartly as well, but nothing too bad. So instead of about 8 seconds, regenerating the page now takes about 250ms. Not too bad!

Apparently the consensus on this weeks feeling about AI is "dread", since these models do so many things so quickly, and they're replacing humans so surprisingly, that we're moving towards the singularity fast. So, don't make long-term plans now!

Also, apparently, everything took to long. In the sense of "why didn't humans invent that earlier". That's also a recurring theme in How to invent everything by Ryan North, so it's probably true. Some of these inventions seem very obvious in hindsight. But have you ever invented something generally useful?

I had to exchange the battery of my laptop again. I'm really thankful that I have a good laptop that one can open and work themselves on. I'm surprised again about the quality of the innards, where everything is properly labelled and accessible. On the battery there are even markings for the types of screws to use!


Libraries, programming, etc


  • hundred days (free from EGS): The game is ok, I'd say. Of course, as an economic sim it suffers from the same problem any economic sim has, which is that you can just let it run until you have enough money for what you doThis is one of the reasons why in my game General Package I decided to use "efficiency" as the main currency. No matter how long you let it run, or how quickly you build out, your efficiency will converge to a "true" value. This alleviates that problem. Another solution would be to have an economic sim without any ressources at all. Radical! The story is a bit... weird, and comes at you a bit by surprise, but I can deal with that. What I can absolutely not deal with it is the absolutely strange UI. There are so many rough edges that I have to wonder whether the playtesters played the game for more than a few minutes at a time. There's a map that doesn't do anything. There's fog around your map area that never recedes. You can set up automatic workers, but you'll have to know the parameters for the workers from playing manually, because there's no indication on that screen. There's no way to remove cards manually from your play area, but some cars will go away after a while by themselves, again with no indication beforehand. Some data is available on some screens where you need it, but not on others. Sometimes, wines have defects that you find out about only during the tasting; no idea if you can do anything about that. Sometimes your wines will have low scores even if you hit all the parameters perfectly. If you have too many wines in your cellar, fulfilling special orders means you have to scroll through your list for each of them. There are some special orders you cannot fulfill without planting new vineyards, so they will stick around until you've beat the game. And finally, the game let me build an extension that pushed my finances so deep into the red that it insta-killed my game. Without telling me beforehand. Without any indication that this could happen. But, well, that was a good-enough jumping-off point for me, so that's that. There are just so many rough edges in there that playing it stopped being fun after a while, when I noticed them.
    I have more thoughts about game UI/UX, but I'll have to collect them in some more central place.


  • Not Tonight (found in my Steam)


  • Improvised a two-colored cake with chocolate filling. Finally some baking again.

Other media

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