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Weeklog for Week 37: September 12 to September 18


For work, finally, more docker this week! Also did a production deployment, rolled back a production deployment and helped fix a production deployment.

I received my SteamDeck and immediately downloaded 100GB of games onto it. Let's see how far I get playing them. And how do I get my Epic/Humble/etc. games on it?

Someone added two discussion topics to my django-unstuck repo. I'm flattered and startled someone is looking at it.
In a similar vein, my PID explanation video has 1700 views and two praising comments. I am flattered and startled someone is looking at it.
What is happening this week?!


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Fez: just because it's "great on Steam Deck" and I liked it before. It even synced my 130.9% complete save file to the Deck. It's as good as before. 10/10
  • Blasphemous: this is sometimes called "2D Dark Souls" and that description fits pretty well, I guess. Super-hard Castlevania-like with loads of branches and artifacts and tools and special attacks and enemies and lore. The world is like H.R. Giger meets the catholic church, so appropriately spooky and bloody and weird. But, in all, not my game. 5/10
  • Desk Job: For every new Valve device, we get to see a little bit more of the Portal universe. It's really just very little, this time, so don't get your expectations too high. 5/10
  • Pierre The Maze Detective: so cute!


  • Spirit of the North (from free EGS)
  • The Captain (from free EGS)
  • Tokyo 42 (found in Library)


  • cheesecake: excellent!

Other media

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