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Weeklog for Week 38: September 19 to September 25


I've finally finished with Dockerfilesfor the moment and graduated to deployment.yaml.

Been a bit ill this week, so sleep instead of progress.

Well, I did tinker a little bit, and I now have an automated pipeline for my documents into paperless. Much better than some commercial solutions, too.

Also, accurately tracking room temperature again, even across different places. This led to an interesting experiment: does running my computer increase room temperature. The answer is: yes it does, but only when the computer is doing something. Well, that's the preliminary result and more research is needed.

Finally, I might, accidentally, have started another gamedev project with Elderic. It was an accident!


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Tokyo 42: I love this game. It's fantastic. It's a great mixture made of isometric, retro, 3D, action, sci-fi and whimsy. But with a controller it's absolute garbage. Part of the appeal is that with the precision of the mouse you can accurately track objects across half the world, without having to deal with depth. With a controller you have to aim directionally. Ugh, I can't play this on Deck.
  • Strange Horticulture: What a strangeI mean, it's right there in the title. What I'm saying is that it's not just the horticulture that is strange, but also the game. little game. It's an... uh... occult pattern matching puzzle, where people ask for plants and you have to identify them according to your botanical encyclopaedia. Sometimes you'll know the name, but that won't help you much. Sometimes you only know a few clues, and those are very easy. And when you do it wrong, you have to puzzle back your sanity. But there's also atmosphere, and story (you have to find the plants, and solve a murder, and help people), and characters, and places, and mystery. There's no time pressure, just puzzles. I was surprised that it didn't have any plant-care mechanics, because there is a watering can; but I like it, less stressfull that way. I have no idea how to classify this game, which is awesome. 8/10
  • Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands: Perfect on the deck. I'd played this on Mobile before and this is even better: Bigger, easier to control and still very cute. If only there were a little more content... 8/10


  • Gloomhaven (from free EGS)


  • Tigerkuchen, except it's a vegan melanistic tiger. Didn't work too well, but I don't know why.

Other media

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