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Weeklog for Week 39: September 26 to October 02


Finally created my new GPG key, after the old one expired almost two months ago. Get it from a keyserver!

Work was better this week, finally finished some of my K8s problems. Next week: more of that.


Libraries, programming, etc



  • Luminous by Greg Egan


  • Tokyo 42 with mouse and keyboard, ah, so good. Perfect mixture! 9/10
  • Descenders (on Deck): I have no idea whether the graphics are supposed to look like this or not. It's a racing game with a little twist, and that makes it good for a few minutes. I'm not going to do any of those silly social things, daily challenges, rider group, team mascots, whatever. 5.5/10


  • Just Cause 4 (Humble Choice)
  • Descenders (Humble Choice)
  • Industria (Humble Choice)
  • LyraVR (Fanatical VR bundle)
  • DeepStates [VR] (Fanatical VR bundle)
  • Everything Must Fall (Fanatical VR bundle)
  • Pinball FX2 VR (Fanatical VR bundle)
  • Shadowgate VR: The Mines of Mythrok (Fanatical VR bundle)


Other media

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