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Weeklog for Week 43: October 24 to October 30


I started writing weeklogs one year ago, and I haven't missed one. I'm definitely opening a bottle of sparkling water to celebrate this week!
Also, I'll have to add features to Heron to accommodate the sheer mass of weeklogs now.

I was a bit ill this week, so work was slower than usual.

I received very entertaining email from a former client demanding more service. For free, naturally, and within two weeks. I guess they try to be intimidating, or disrupting, but I see this as excellent entertainment, and so does my legal counsel.



  • Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation (from waitlist): not as good as I had expected. It combines Rimworld with round-based tower defense with a dash of demon-world story. 5/10
  • Tokyo 42: still great. I also love how the respawn mechanism is diegetic"Of or relating to artistic elements that are perceived as existing within the world depicted in a narrative work.", and I only use that word to make myself feel very smart., in fact, core to the story. 9.5/10
  • Yuppie Psycho: A realistic simulation of what working in a big corporation is. Everyone's not doing any work, since nobody knows what the company is doing anyway. There are rituals everywhere, a meeting room with horseshit in it and we learn that it comes from a manager that plays general (with a real horse), and half of the employees are mindless zombies. Totally realistic. What a weird game! After 30 minutes of play you learn of your first assessment as a new employee of Sintracorp: Locate the Hexenhammer. An AI will assist you. Also, you save by photocopying your soul onto witch paper. With a photocopier. In your office. Of course. 9/10
  • Not Tonight: It's Papers Please in Great Britain, but with more variation and more party and more management. You have to ascend the ranks of bouncers to earn enough money to avoid deportation. Check IDs, do side missions, keep multiple queues happy, avoid mistakes, get the best gigs, ... Very stressful game! 7.5/10
  • Late Shift: Holy shit, it's an interactive movie! I've only played it for a short time, but it seems to be a good one. I'll have to reserve an evening and play through the possibilities.


  • Dark Pictures: Little Hope (Humble Choice)
  • Maid of Sker (Humble Choice)
  • Epic Chef (Humble Choice)
  • Railroad Corporation (Humble Choice)
  • Golf Gang (Humble Choice)
  • Deathloop (Humble Choice)
  • Subserial Network (from


  • made Mushroom soup. Vegan, too, except for the garlic bread side dish.

Other media

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