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Weeklog for Week 45: November 07 to November 13


Work was ok. Finally understood that terrible internal tool we have to use.


Libraries, programming, etc


I haven't read in too long.


  • Hot Wheels Unleashed
  • Late Shift: The ending is a bit unsatisfying. There's not a lot of plot here, just a lot of action, and that stops quite suddenly. Sad, that could've been more. I do like that it's "just" an "interactive movie", because it is quite relaxing. Not much to do apart from watching and sometimes deciding what should happen. 6.5/10
  • Paradise Killer: this game is so weird, and I love it! It's a detective thriller where, in a way, you're an old detective veteran and you get pulled out of early retirement (you made a mistake back then when you were deceived by someone) to solve a murder with 11 victims, with your sidekick, and they don't have anyone else on the force they can trust. There's even a prime suspect with lots of damningHeh! evidence, but something's off about that, too. Sounds quite normal, doesn't it? But everything about the game is so weird. The murdered are actually the head of an immortal sect that builds realities/islands, called Paradise, to achieve perfection and resurrect gods, but the realities get overrun by demons each iteration because of flaws in the different realities. The sect is called "The Syndicate" and their entire council was murdered just when they were on their way to Paradise 25. Oh and the island is run on kidnapped people that are tortured for their psychic energy. Your character is actually an investigator that was exiled 11 iterations, or just over 3 million days ago, into an apartment overlooking the islandThey actually explain why there's no toilet in the apartment. And your sidekick is some demon that squirreled from some other plane of existence into this one and that gives saucy advice everytime you meet him. He also stole and hid lots of currency, "blood crystals", around the island for you to find. Oh and you can't actually visit the crime scene because it's sealed behind four seals that are apparently puzzle-locks and only the council can open them. And also, you can end your investigation by killing one of the suspects. Oh, and everyone on the island is totally suspect, all of the alibis crumble during the investigation and everyone has a motive and opportunity for the murder. And that's just the story. The graphics are, uh, weird, the sound is great and the soundtrack is fantastic. And the mechanics: amazing. It's a real detective game. You walk around, inspect and find out things, you talk to suspects, you check and cross-check alibis and then you find things out. It's an actual, real detective thriller, with just the weirdest of backgrounds. I love it! 10/10


  • Spaghetti with Gorgonzola-pea-cream sauce

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