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Weeklog for Week 51: December 19 to December 25


Work was slower than before, now we're just cleaning up the mess we made last week.

Oh, and it was also Christmas.


Libraries, programming, etc

  • Installation - Takahē documentation: "Takahē is a new ActivityPub server, designed for efficient use on small- to medium-size installations, and which allows you to host multiple domains on the same infrastructure. It’s currently in an alpha state, meaning things work (and it will talk ActivityPub to Mastodon and other servers), but there’s still a lot of features left to add." (via Jochens weeklog)
  • Akkoma - Be very cool on the internet: "Akkoma is a federated social networking platform, compatible with Mastodon and other ActivityPub implementations. It is free software licensed under the AGPLv3. It actually consists of two components: a backend, named simply Akkoma, and a user-facing frontend, named Pleroma-FE. It also includes the Mastodon frontend, if that's your thing. It's part of what we call the fediverse, a federated network of instances which speak common protocols and can communicate with each other. One account on an instance is enough to talk to the entire fediverse!" Written in Elixir.
  • Reverse engineering yet another ebook format
  • Never write a Bash command again (with the help of GPT-3)


  • A Philosophy of Software Design by John Ousterhout: Fantastic! Brilliant! Every software engineer should read this!


  • Hot Wheels Unleashed
  • Steep


  • Encased (free from EGS)
  • Death Stranding (free from EGS)

Other media

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