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Weeklog for Week 1: January 02 to January 08


The new episode of Python podcast came out last week. We recorded that last week, great fun.

Still preparing stats. In the middle of that, I noticed that I should probably be more smart about parsing my markdown files, so I've looked at getting the markdown AST from the library. Not too hard, not too easy, as it seems. So, maybe next year.

I also thought about building my own library for connecting stuff I want to use. Unfortunately, the name "glue" is already in use.


  • Es gibt ein Küchengerät namens Fettabscheider oder Fetttrenner oder Soßentrenner, z.B. auf Amazon
  • Different metals have different thermal conductivities. Ok, I knew that. Copper is one of the more head-conductive metals. I knew that, too. But silver is even more heat conductive, with 377 W/(m⋅K) for copper vs. 405 W/(m⋅K). And of course there are pans made entirely out of silver.
    There are metals with even higher conductivity, but cookware made from those would be very expensive and hard to produce. Diamond pans would be very cool, though. The ultimate luxury item, I guess.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Edison by Torben Kuhlmann: beautifully illustrated, cute little story.


  • Red Strings Club: mesmerizing. And philosophical. And not stressful at all, I like itI mean, it does have a branching storyline, apparently. But I tend to just ignore that nowadays and experience the story once and then be fine with it.. Not good on the Deck. 9/10
  • Damaged In Transit: what a stressful puzzle game! 6/10
  • Immortality: it starts out very subtle and mysterious, and the further and further I get into it, the better it gets. It's amazing! 10/10


  • Pizza (always good)

Other media

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