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Weeklog for Week 2: January 09 to January 15


Back to work. Same chaos as usual.

The house goes on.

I have many thoughts on ChatGPT, because it's a demonstration that the world is changing, and there are now two separate classes: those who know and those who don't. I'll have to digest this a bit more before I can say anything more deep than that.

Finally got around to creating stats for 2022. Great fun. At the end of this year: even more stats!


  • Ok, so last week we had silver pans. But you know what's even more better than silver? Diamond. And, of course, there are companies nowadays that will diamond-coat your metal materials. Either with a particle coating with Nickel (which is food-safe) or with actual grown diamond. So here's my product idea for the very rich hobby cook: diamond-coated silver pans. Perfect heat conduction. Perfectly smooth silver finish without staining. Heat-resistant up to 800 °C.
    And it's not even that expensive. Now I kinda want to call up suppliers and ask for quotes.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Paradise Killer


Other media

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