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Weeklog for Week 3: January 16 to January 22


I'm ill this week, so little progress on anything.

But at least the house seems to be moving forward.

Fixed a bug in Heron that has annoyed me: my own cache file triggered a regeneration of the entire site content, triggering a new cache file, triggering a regeneration, ...

Still trying to figure out how/why Obsidian tabs do their thing.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Minecraft
  • Death Stranding: This game is deeply and seriously weird. Not only does it marry Japanese anime-like death-world with American "if we fail, humanity is doomed", but the game itself is also mainly about walking around. And there are all of these things you need to pay attention to: there's your blood level and your stamina and your tiredness and your likes and your baby's stress level and your body weight and balance and orders and routes and resources like chrystals and metals and resins and your standing with each settlement in the game (including your home base) and package-addicted raidersThis is an actual piece of lore in the game: we had automated AI doing everything for us, but then people didn't feel sense in their lives, so they started giving people delivery jobs and now there are tribes of raiders that are addicted to having cargo. They'll leave you alone if you're not transporting any. and of course the flying death-ghosts -- and then they tell you to take a second pair of shoes with you, because that's something you need to pay attention to, too. It's like a fever-dream, which is fitting because I am slightly feverish while playing it. Graphics are excellent, though somewhat console-like, gameplay is, well, walking around. 7/10.

Other media

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