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Weeklog for Week 6: February 06 to February 12


Everything is normal. I finally get to do something else than k8s, which is nice. Next week will probably revert that, but ok.

I played two very different but very good pirate games this week. Nice!


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Rogue Moon by Algis Budrys: It's a time loopIn 1959! That is definitely the earliest example of a timeloop I've ever seen. Do you know an earlier one?!Side note on the side note: How would you find out whether that's the earliest example of a time loop? Ok, in this case it's easy because there's a Wikipedia page for the concept. But in general, finding an "earliest" of something is quite hard if you're not an expert or know one. So I guess that's one great example of where AI search might be useful. If it can give the right answer, of course. It's a time loop where they send a guy to the moon and it resets when he dies. But it's also mostly not about the time loop, it's about death, and the different forms death can take. Amazing! 9/10


  • Minecraft
  • Sea of Thieves: another very enjoyable experience with a smaller crew. No PVP this time, also because we learned to read the map and avoid reapers. Finally, we found a treasure mapWell, there's a village board with the daily maps, so "found" is a strong word. and went over half the map to get there, scoured the huge island it was on and finally found an entire chest full of fruit. Excellent. 8/10
  • The Red Strings Club: (finished) it's a beautiful reflection on the world we live in and what's important in it. 8/10
  • Filament: I like puzzle games, although most of them feel a lot like work after a while. For some, they feel like work right off the start, like this one. 3/10
  • Dishonored 2: very nice
  • Return to Monkey Island: ah, it really is as good as its predecessors. Also works very nicely on Deck.


  • Recipe for Disaster (free from EGS)
  • Luna's Fishing Garden (Humble Sim-ple bundle)
  • Summer in Mara(Humble Sim-ple bundle)
  • Winkeltje: The Little Shop(Humble Sim-ple bundle)
  • Garden Paws(Humble Sim-ple bundle)
  • Lake(Humble Sim-ple bundle)

Other media

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