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Weeklog for Week 7: February 13 to February 19


A rather normal week, to be honest. I played some great games with friends, had some great discussions and phone calls and everything went surprisingly smoothly.

There is, again, a lot of AI going on, and I need to talk about that some more at some point.


I found out that you can see all your IKEA purchases in your profile, even in-store purchases where you showed your family card. I also learnt that I spent 6464,93 € since 2016, at an average of 146,93€ per visit. This also means that I pay IKEA about 2,86 € per day.
I'll write some tooling to check out the purchases in more detail.

I've looked more into the time loop concept, cf. last week. I like time loop stories like Outer Wilds, Groundhog Day, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August or that one episode of Star Trek TNG. And what usually happens is that someone gets trapped in a loop, finds out, does something and "solves" the loop. But this week I found out that the first story with a time loop, Strange Life of Ivan OsokinHilariously, Wikipedia cites a story from 1915, while some others refer to much later "first" ones., arguably the invention of the time loop, is about a guy who gets stuck in a time loop, finds out, does something and then realizes that, no matter what he does, he can't change the outcome at all. So, exactly the opposite. Weird!


Libraries, programming, etc


  • The American Dream: it's a good idea, giving the player guns and then doing everything with those guns. Except that the game is... well... not great. The graphics are quite minimal, the games are the same thing over and over again and so are the jokes. And it didn't center me correctly. 5/10
  • Return to Monkey Island


  • The American Dream (from waitlist)

Other media

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