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Weeklog for Week 28: July 10 to July 16


Not much, regular work week.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • The Mountain in the Sea by Ray Nailer


  • Just Cause 4, you know, just 'cause. It's so hard to find a relaxing, non-stressful game. I started playing Meeple Station but that's also quite stressful. Then I thought about Planet Coaster, and that would've been nice, but that doesn't fit into a 30min or 60min time window. So, senseless violence with Rico Rodriguez it is. Quite sad, really. Oh, and JC4 is just more of the same, silly story, silly missions, silly weapons, but the landscape and the flying-around is still very excellent.
  • Trackmania 2
  • Downhill Mountain
  • Snow Globe


  • Lasagne

Other media

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