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Weeklog for Week 35: August 28 to September 03


Work week. Lots of work.
And also a few parties. Nice!

I finally got around to playing some chemistry with a friend. We made white paint. It was great.

Ok, I'll have to address the growing backlog for my games. I guess I'm not that much of a game player anymore, except/even when I get the time. Since my income now exceeds my free time, I have transitioned into a collector of games. Sure, I could play an exciting new game any time I like. But, you know, let's leave them shrink-wrapped in the box for some other, more special day.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Providence by Max Barry: Gave me some nightmares this week.


  • word factori: A factorio-like, stripped down to the very minimum. There is some potential for addiction here.
  • Last Call BBS: Of all the Zachtronics games, this must be the weirdest.
  • Kill The Crows: a bullet-hell shooter. Nothing special.
  • Heavenly Bodies: such a silly physics game. You control the arms of an astronaut and the physics do the rest. Very enjoyable and very silly.
  • Trackmania: The newest in the series is just soo smooth, but the money-grabbing and begging and the ads and everything is so fucking annoying. I bought all the Trackmanias before, but I'm not going to give them any money for that shit.
  • Sea Of Thieves with the gang: the Monkey Island event is sooo nice. They managed to capture the spirit of Monkey Island and of a point-and-click adventure in Sea of Thieves.


  • Whispers in the West (from GMTK video)
  • Lucifer Within Us (from GMTK video)
  • A Hand With Many Fingers (from GMTK video)
  • Kill The Crows (just because it looks neat)


  • Kekse
  • Zitronenkuchen

Other media

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