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Weeklog for Week 36: September 04 to September 10


An almost regular week. As if that would exist.

Did a lot of the garden work I should have done a long time ago, and now I'm paying for not doing it earlier with my sweat and muscles.

I finally bought the ice cream maker I had thought about for so long, and it works fantastically well. Makes ice cream in less than an hour, so of course I had to try several different recipes. And more are on the list. 🍨


Libraries, programming, etc


  • NFS: Heat
  • Lighthouse Keeper: I don't know, I don't know. It feels almost like the game isn't finished, but it is? But there are so many half-assedbaked parts of the game. Stuff sticking, unclear mechanics, unreadable items and GUIs. I don't know? 6/10
  • Trackmania: something soft to quiet down


  • NFS: Heat (to play with friends)
  • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (for nostalgia's sake)


  • chocolate ice cream (2x)
  • honey-pear frozen joghurt: not as good as expected, the pear just doesn't contribute enough
  • lime sorbet
  • chocolate cake (2x)
  • lemon cake

Other media

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