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Weeklog for Week 38: September 18 to September 24


It was a normal week.

I started installing a solar panel on our shed, but then I noticed that the battery doesn't work any more. Very annoying!

I bought some flooding sensors for my home. I can run them either on a foreign cloudThe shelly cloud which wouldn't be so bad. But I oppose clouds for home automation on principle. or on a home server that I haven't yet thought through. So they will sit on my shelf for a little while.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • The Story of Mary MacLane by Mary MacLane: I don't know why this was in my open tabs, but it was.


  • Otxo: this was recommended by a 40-minute Raycevik video, so I put it on my waitlist and one day later acquired it. I'm not quite sure about it yet. Yes, sure, it fulfills that void left by Hotline Miami and it's also betterexcept for the vault, which is less than useless, but it's also much harder during the game and much less forgiving between games. So, jury is still out.
  • Sea of Thieves with the usual landlubbers.


  • Walnuss-Whisky-Eis: fantastic
  • Pflaumeneis
  • Cookie-Eis

Other media

  • Taskmaster Series 10
  • 5-Megawatt Nitinol Engine by Mcdonnell Douglas - YouTube: What a misleading title: it's an engine technology prototype that might be able to scale up to 5MW. I quite like it the other way around, though: what if you could harvest tiny amounts of energy with an engine like that?
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