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Weeklog for Week 40: October 02 to October 08


The week starts with two free days. Aaahh, so relaxing! Then one work day. Then two days of seminar at the Linuxhotel. Ahhh, so relaxing!
Then weekend-stress. Not relaxing at all.

Then we had a bit of a scare with our mail server. Turns out, it's old enough to not need fixes. Our strategy of just never updating stuff has paid off once again!

I installed HomeAssistant and now I have no idea what to do with it. At least I'll get flooding messages if that happens (and the sensor can reach the WiFi from the basement).

I also played around with VLANs. I managed to get one segment of my network detached, but it can still reach the gateway, which is exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, when I segment off my WiFi networks, they cannot reach the gateway/internet any more. So frustrating!


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Whispers in the West: a coop murder mystery game. The controls are weird and uncooperative. But the writing was great, and we actually missed some vital clues because we didn't properly listen to each other. Great fun! I immediately bought all the DLCs, so I'll definitely play this again. 10/10.
  • A Hand With Many Fingers: what a creepy political investigation game. I couldn't wrap my head around it entirely, so I'll have to try again at some point. The game is quite bare, but it's still very well-written, has a deep mystery and some proper figuring-out and the atmosphere is just... wow! 9/10


  • Gaufres de Liége

Other media

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