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Weeklog for Week 46: November 13 to November 19


It's AI week and I'm finding out how to do things with AI. Even though it's less intense than I had originally planned, it's still quite good. I found out

  • how to run Llama locally, on Linux or Windows, with or without GPU
  • how to train nanoGPT from scratch, on a CPU
  • about privateGPT, that I need to investigate further
  • that my GPU memory does not allow fine-tuning on my machine.

I'll write some more about that in the future.


Libraries, programming, etc



  • Walkabout Minigolf
  • Raft with the crew. It's kind-of a continuation of Sea of Thieves. It is quite relaxing, even though there is a bit of a competitive co-op going on.


  • Mini Golf Worlds VR (Steam started recommending VR minigolf games to me, no idea why)
  • Earthlock (free from EGS)
  • Surviving the Aftermath (free from EGS)


  • Wölkchen
  • Marmorplätzchen
  • Schokoladenplätzchen

Other media

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