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Weeklog for Week 52: December 25 to December 31


Christmas week. Too lazy to hustle.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Those Fascinating Numbers by Jean-Marie De Koninck: After the sad revelations that my two candidates for The Book fell through, I had to pick up this book, knowing it would be a banger. And boy, it was! From the fantastic chapter structureOne per number, most often less than a page through the 20-page introduction and symbol definition, and the 209-entries-long references section, to the list of prime numbers less than 10000; this book has it all. 10/10, book of the year for me.


  • Nobody Saves the World: a Zelda-like that keeps you entertained not by giving you new items but instead entirely new "forms", characters. It's a nice time-filler, but I've reached a place where I have 15 open quests and none of them are much different from "go to that dungeon and kill everything inside of it", so I guess it'll stop being fun for me, soon. 8/10
  • Storyteller: Cute little puzzle game that really goes far with its idea of "arrange pictures and characters into a story". 8/10
  • Spore: A classic. I just wanted to test whether this would be a nice toy for kids. I think it would.
  • God of War: very, very cinematic. But does really every game have to be an RPGI stopped playing Tomb Raider when I came to the section where you build your tent and then proceed to hunt and live off the land and also do the same side-quest 25 times.? Do I really have to level up the fricking GOD OF WAR, that was in seven games before this? Is he not fully levelled up yet? Does he really need better pants to fight better? Does he really need to collect all five of his son's toys to sell them at the store to buy said pants? Very, very annoying. Apart from that, impressive and cinematic. 8/10


  • The Outer Worlds (free from EGS)
  • Snakebirds (free from EGS)


  • Schwabentopf
  • Spätzle
  • Feuerzangenbowle
  • Creme Brulee
  • Belgische Waffeln

Other media

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