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Weeklog for Week 3: January 15 to January 21


I am getting a new vacuum robot, since our old one always gets stuck on things. Since I'm doing it right, I'm going the Valetudo way. This means I ordered a compatible robot and also put in an order for the breakout PCB. My first PCB, I'm so excited!

My company is being sued and this week was the first court appointment. The grounds are obviously very weird, and this is a suit that's motivated by personal issues and contains a fair bit of the other party lying. Sadly for them, it didn't work very well. The judge was quite obviously pissed off with them and we found a compromise that must've been sad for the other guy. Now the big question is: how can I warn others away from this client?


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Raft
  • Flight Simulator: Tried in in VR: It's about as janky as you'd expect. Still very nice.
  • Murder by Numbers: What a silly game! The game part is just a simple puzzle, but then it gets embedded in an anime murder story in the strangest way. Well, I'm neither interested very much in the puzzle, nor in the story, so I'm not going to play more. But, well, weird! 6/10
  • Innerspace: A nice little custom-made flying simulator. It's well made and coherent inside of itself, but I found it to not touch me very much.
  • Figment: It feels like Psychonauts in small. Not my thing at all.
  • Model Builder: what a weird premise for a game: that you'd build plastic models. I mean, sure, if that's your hobby. Apart from that, it's definitely the absolutely slowest game I've ever seen. 15 FPS while standing in a room.
  • Journey: I don't know. I had expected more, I think. It's nice and short, and obviously my PC version doesn't have other players in it.
  • Lucifer Within Us: A low-stakes detective game. I like it, because it is so low-stakes. 7/10


  • Porc au sucre: as seen in Tchia, I just had to try this. The other, fish-based dishes I find not very interesting, but this one... and it was really, really good. Much less sweet than I had expected.

Other media

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