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Weeklog for Week 4: January 22 to January 28


Not a lot, just some regular work.
Still didn't do my yearly retrospective.

Did some gardening, too.


CSS outline, if you need a border around your border.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds: I'm only a quarter of the way through it, but it's already full of fantastic ideas and well-crafted backgrounds. I love it!


  • Walkabout Minigolf with a friend, and even though we enjoyed it, most of the time was spent bickering about the game's shortcomings. Hrmpf, gotta make my own, I guess.
  • Raft
  • Flight Simulator
  • (the) Gnorp Apologue: I don't know what I was thinking! An idle game! Me! This could cost me days. But, well, I already beat it. And I'm so glad I did. It's good, don't play it! 9/10


  • Tempura Chicken Nuggets
  • Tigerkaka

Other media

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