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Weeklog for Week 15: April 08 to April 14


Did a lot of home improvement and garden work. Now my back aches, in a good way.
I bungled a window frame so hard that I'm wondering about my sanity.

First outdoor barbecue of the year. I have learnt a lot.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • Factorio with the boyz
  • Noita: I'd wanted to play this for a long time. It is weird, in that it is a simple platformer, but at the same time it's also a super-complicated automaton simulator. I started it and it plays nicely, like a novelty platformer (which it is), with a cool little gimmick in its simulation-ness. Then I noticed the many different wands one can have. Then I noticed the many different spells that exist. Then I noticed the many different enemies and block types and found some weird fluids and was kind of surprised at the breadth of the game. Then I read up on the wiki and found that there are so many different levels and secrets and lore and, oh, by the way, if you manage to drill through the thick wall at the outer end of the world, there is an entire parallel world there. I'm not going to exhaustively look at, nor understand this world, but this game is a little gem of a thing, hiding so much inside such a perfect little shell. 9/10


  • Pfefferminz-Eis
  • Haselnuss-Eis mit Krokant, sehr lecker

Other media

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