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Weeklog for Week 15: April 11 to April 17


Short work week because of Easter.

I did a bit of work on my temperature sensing stuff, everything is flowing into an InfluxDB now. Now to make this work on Raspberry.


The plants are growing. How do I make them produce seeds now?


Simon did some amazing work.

And we looked at the undersides of statues and busts.

The more I think about what I bring to this project, the less I'm sure about what it is.


I recently saw a great thing: a stirling powered fan for a wood stove. Not only does it distribute warm air from the stove around the room (making the stove more effective), but it also cools itself in the process, making itself more efficient. I love these small, ingenious ideas.



  • Seeing like a State by James C. Scott


  • Horizon Zero Dawn: I'm properly hooked now.


  • Insurmountable (from free EGS)


  • Sektsorbet: Did it without the meringue, and added cassiswould that be "Sorbet Royal"?, which was amazingly good.

Other media

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