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Weeklog for Week 18: May 02 to May 08


Held a seminar on pytest, with more than 20 participants. Doing these things is exhilarating, lots of preparation goes into it and then it all comes together. It's a weird and wonderful feeling, like "firing on all cylinders"I dislike that figure of speech. Do you think during normal operation, not all cylinders are firing?, I'm talking and planning time and fixing little mistakes and live-coding, and observing my own patterns of speech and trying to adjust them.

Apart from that, work. I'm somewhat down a bit.

I've also had my first run-in with covidiots. Apparently, it's too hard to stick to a mask mandate while dropping off your children, but not too hard to argue about it. I'm both fascinated and shocked by coming into contact with the underclass and by how weird they are.


The plants are growing, I guess. They're not producing flowers or anything, so I don't know.




Libraries, programming, etc


  • Midnight Library by Matt Haig: It's nice, and it's a bit self-helpy, and I really did not want to stop reading it. The only thing that annoyed me was the half-sciency mumbojumbo they added to make it sound "more realistic".



  • Sea of Craft (from waitlist)
  • Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe


Other media

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