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Weeklog for Week 48: November 28 to December 04


Work did progress, but did not really go well. I think I can safely say that I'm not worried about K8s any more, but all the silly additions and restrictions and self-imposed organizational problems the customer wants and does is just... well... silly.

I started this years winter baking season. Also, as every year, trying to find ways to saturate a solution of corn flakes in chocolate.

Met many friends over the weekend, which was good.


Libraries, programming, etc


  • delta V by David Suarez


  • Hot Wheels Unleashed


  • Doom VFR (Premier VR bundle)
  • Cave Digger 2 (Premier VR bundle)
  • Bean Stalker (Premier VR bundle)
  • After the Fall (Premier VR bundle)
  • Vox Machinae (Premier VR bundle)


  • Schneeflocken: These turned out fantastic. They're sweet and simple and very soft and just generally delightful. And can easily be vegan. Fantastic!
  • Tigerkuchen as a base for Maulwurfkuchen

Other media

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