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Weeklog for Week 6: February 07 to February 13


Lots of work. Little else. It's a good thing. I work on a Mac again, so now all my keyboard and shortcut muscle memory is going down the drain again.


I've decided to switch to a Pi zero. Less work, overall, and more possibilities. I wonder how to do timelapses, for example. Should I just use an old smartphone? Or is there a goodi.e. cheap camera that can be controlled by the Pi, or even work with the Pi?

Lots of questions, about which one can think to procrastinate the actual doing.


We thought long and hard, then we played around with indices a bit and then it actually worked. I'm as surprised as you are, but more delighted.


I went through my open tabs backlog, so there are a lot more than usual this week, and not all are very fresh.

Libraries, programming, etc


  • Bluebird by Ciel Pierlot: Space Opera par excellence. But a modern one, where everyone is lesbian. The only bad thing about this, so far, is the repeated stupidity of the main character, which will be able to talk about nanotech at length, but does not notice so many obvious things. Also, silly emotional problems.


  • Spiritfarer: This looks like a quite little game at first, even though the furry-deer is a bit weird. I haven't played past the tutorial, but I think this game turns into quite a hard management sim after a while, where you have to keep your customers happy by making everything. And all I wanted to do was to ferry some spirits through the afterlife...


  • Windbound (free from EGS
  • Foundation (from Dominik)


Other media

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